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Entry #13

Back again!

2013-04-04 15:18:48 by DJ-Steeve

I made a new account with my new new DJ name, Knight of Rhythm!
Check it out overhere:)


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2013-04-05 04:01:08

Knight... not King? :P

DJ-Steeve responds:

No it's knight:). It's actually a pretty random name but I like it.


2013-04-06 06:59:33

kingofrhythm isn't taken yet, JSYK. Not that there's anything wrong with knight but I even read King the first time I read the name, people might type oh!

(Updated ) DJ-Steeve responds:

I'already have a YT channel and soundcloud so I'm not going to change it now. Maybe later. But thank you for the info anyway:)