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Back again!

2013-04-04 15:18:48 by DJ-Steeve

I made a new account with my new new DJ name, Knight of Rhythm!
Check it out overhere:)


2011-09-09 16:01:46 by DJ-Steeve


check it!

2011-08-06 10:42:17 by DJ-Steeve

Check out my new uplifting trance song here: /438022
Thanks to the great tutorial from Trancecrafter : )

I'm back!

2011-07-26 17:25:39 by DJ-Steeve

I'm back from my holiday of three weeks too spain and france and I have lots of inspiration so that means lots of extra tracks : D

My newest song

2011-06-20 07:18:14 by DJ-Steeve

My newest song is online, with a beautifull piano in the begin and the ditry ducht at the end...
It's a TEASER and I'm ganna make him further on :).
You can listen it here: /428574


2011-06-15 16:20:47 by DJ-Steeve

I've nothing to say

A song with singing

2011-05-08 09:35:58 by DJ-Steeve

To make a song with text is difficult, but its getting harder if you can't sing at all. So that's why i need a singer, a good singer. If you are the one I'm looking for, plz reply. Because I made a song but I really need text otherwise its crap


2011-03-29 15:20:30 by DJ-Steeve

Project 9.9 isn't going furter so i stopped the project.

Project 9.9

2011-03-05 19:01:29 by DJ-Steeve

I'm busy with a new project now, it's called project 9.9.
The plan is that I create 5 songs on FL Studio 9.9 beta, and it's a beta version so I have to make a song in one day!
Th five songs should be these gengres:
- Dubstep
- Trance
- Hardcore
- Drum N Bass
- House
I already have two songs namely Razor (Dubstep) and Puch on (Trance).
So I still have three that I have to make : )

Get Hope

2010-10-12 15:54:22 by DJ-Steeve

finally its done...
to listen the song > /368710